AVA: North American Migratory Bird Count Field Trip

may, 2017

13mayAll DayAVA: North American Migratory Bird Count Field Trip(All Day: saturday) Iosco and Alcona Counties


Event Details

Visit - TDD - Birding 2The North American Migration Count is like the Christmas Bird Count, but with a few twists. The Area for any one count is not a 15 mile diameter circle, but an entire County [Parish in Louisiana]. The big twist is the timing: unlike Christmas Bird Counts, which are spread over several weeks, this count is done on just a single day.

The choice of the second Saturday in May has been made to try to find the peaks of movement of neotropical species while they are still where most of the birders are. It will not be peak everywhere: the Northern States will be getting the first glimmer of Spring and the Deep South will be in early breeding season, but the overall goal is of importance to everyone.

Visit their website: http://ausablevalleyaudubon.org/



All Day (Saturday)


Iosco and Alcona Counties


Ausable Valley Audubon Society

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